Here’s how to fill your calendar with more calls, leads, and prospects.

Do you want to fill your calendar with more people to speak to, have more prospects, and have more people referring to you that you can refer to also? **I have the solution. **

Reach out to your connections on LinkedIn, look at their profiles, see when you connected with them, and find out what you have in common. Then either using text, audio, or a video message, reach out and tell them something like, “Your profile popped up, and I’d love to get to know you better. I belong to a networking group you might want to join as a guest.” Or instead, maybe you know a podcast host that’s looking for people that this person might be a good guest for. **Think of ways you can be a resource. **

“Learn how you can make that connection deeper.”

Make sure that when you’re reaching out to your connections, you let them know that it’s not a sales call! You’re reaching out because you want to have that human-to-human connection and learn how you can make that connection deeper to support one another. If you reach out to just two or three people every day, you’ll have a minimum of three to four appointments per week.

The goal is to position yourself as a resource, so these people will want to jump on a call with you. Make sure you send them a calendar link, so you’re not playing tag with them, and be your word. Make it a get-to-know-you call, not a sales call. If you follow these guidelines, I promise that your calendar will be filled will many excellent people that you’ve already been connected to but never got to know.

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Rhonda Sher