Here are some strategies to help you grow your connections on LinkedIn.

How do you grow your connections on LinkedIn? LinkedIn tells you not to dive in and find people you don’t know, but everything’s gone virtual due to the pandemic. There are so many online virtual networking meetings that you could keep yourself busy with them every day of the week. Look for meetup groups, do a Google search for networking groups, and find the ones that seem like a good fit for you. 

After you attend these meetings, make an effort to reach out to some of those people one on one, and also send them a LinkedIn connection request. Your message should be personalized and say something like, “Hey Mary, it was really nice meeting you virtually at the XYZ networking event. I noticed that we share some common connections” then insert something else that you might have in common (maybe you both grew up in the same area, for example.) “I’d love to connect with you and learn how we can support one another. Best regards.”

“LinkedIn is the perfect place to take the relationship you have with someone you’ve met virtually.”

After they accept your connection request, send them a personal thank-you note in a message. You could even make a video, and say, “Mary, thanks so much for accepting my connection request. To tell you a bit about me…” then include a few things about you—just don’t make it a sales pitch. “I’d love to learn more about you. Here’s a link to my calendar if you’re open to a virtual cup of coffee or tea. I Look forward to talking and learning more about how we can support each other in the future.” 

That’s how you start the dialogue and expand your connections. LinkedIn is the perfect place to take the relationship you have with someone you’ve met virtually to the next level. Remember that people will check you out on LinkedIn too, so ensure your profile reflects who you are, what you do, and make sure it is complete. 

Once you begin having virtual coffee or tea meetings, think about how you could support that person. Who could you introduce them to, and how could you help them? If you feel you can endorse them after your conversation because you feel they do something that warrants your endorsement, do so. 

If you have questions about making connections on LinkedIn or anything else, call or email me. I would love to help you.