Here’s a tip on how to stay top of mind with your LinkedIn connections.

My tip today is likely one you aren’t doing but will keep you top of mind with your connections, prospects, and the people you want to be thinking about you. I suggest making a list of people you want to stay top of mind with, and three to five days per week, Monday through Friday, go to their profile, look at what they’ve posted, and like it if it speaks to you. Comment on it and share it if you think it will be valuable to your network. If you know them, tag them when you interact with their posts (using the @ symbol) so they know you’ve interacted with them. That’s necessary because they’re posting on LinkedIn so that people will see it, so make sure they know you have.

If you take 20 to 30 minutes each day to give attention to their posts, you can tag them in yours when appropriate. Remember, you don’t want to spam them or do it with every post because you’ll annoy them. Ensure when you post that you use hashtags, are sharing relevant content, and it is not a sales pitch. If you follow today’s tip, watch what happens; your influence and presence will grow. 

Let me know how this goes for you; I’d love to hear your results. If you have questions about this tip or interacting on LinkedIn, call or email me. I’d be happy to help you.