Wondering what to post? Here are some great ways to make your mark.

There are five different ways you can post on LinkedIn, and the easiest one is video. Never be afraid to post video, but always keep yours relatively short—ideally, somewhere around two minutes. Most importantly, make it relevant and informational, and use a service to create closed captions; a lot of people won’t have time to sit and listen to a video, but they’ll skim through the captions to find out what you’re getting at. 

Another great way to post on LinkedIn is to post a picture, an infographic, or something that is thought-provoking. For example, I recently posted about “The 10 Things That Cost Nothing,” and that post was shared 26 times, garnered more than 500 likes, and prompted so many comments I couldn’t even keep track! Make sure you include a hashtag along with it, like #Inspiration, or #Motivation. 

“Kudos are a new feature on the platform that allows you to recognize somebody for the great job they’ve done”

The third way to post is super simple but effective: Just share other people’s posts. Follow influencers and thinkers, like Gary Vaynerchuk, aka Gary V. Many people don’t know about him, but he posts amazing content that inspires you and forces you to think deeply. Remember: Share posts from people like Gary, but don’t tag them unless you personally know them! 

Have you ever thought about sending someone a kudos? Kudos are a new feature on the platform that allows you to recognize somebody for the great job they’ve done, whether it’s their role as a mentor, the work they did on a specific project or positive career advancement. Kudos can be found on your profile by clicking the three little dots at the top that say “More” and accessing the drop-down menu. When you do put a kudos up there, be sure you tag the person you’re acknowledging. 

Finally, post some articles! Share your reaction to an article or simply alert folks to the fact that it’s a great read, and provide a link to it so folks can read it for themselves. Keep in mind that views are great, but engagement is what you really want on your posts. Who’s liking your post? Who’s commenting on it? Take some time to respond to any comments or questions—that’s how to get results faster. 

This is how top influencers use LinkedIn, and you’re never too far off from being an influencer yourself! So, the next time you see one of my posts that makes you smile, like it and comment on it. Be sure to look through your feed every day, because 94% of B2B marketers are getting their information from LinkedIn. 

As always, reach out via phone, email, or LinkedIn if ever you have questions about this or any aspect of the platform!  I’m more than happy to help you maximize your experience.