Here’s how to grow your opportunities by reconnecting the right way. 

How do you go about reconnecting with folks without them fearing a sales pitch? One of the first things you should do is sort, sift, and separate your connections by name, job title, geography, or any other available filter—there are tons of helpful categories! Keep in mind that if you’re using the free version of LinkedIn, you have 12 fewer filters to use. Even with the free version, there are still so many great ways to sort your connections. 

Let’s say that, after sorting, sifting, and separating, you’re left with a list of about 100 people. Every day, take five people from the list, look at their profiles; find out exactly when you connected with them; see what you have in common with them; and then send them a message. It can be a video, audio, or typed message, but this is what it should communicate: “You know, we’ve been connected for a while; I’d love to know how things are going for you amid COVID. It’d be great to jump on a call and just catch up—let’s keep it in the ‘no-sales zone.’”

“You could add value by offering them a referral for their business, or some sort of helpful tip or resource.”

Include a link to your calendar so they can book a time. If you’re using video, there’s a healthy 25% chance that they’ll book a call with you because you’ve clarified that you won’t be selling anything and expressed genuine interest in checking in on them. Perhaps you could add value by offering them a referral for their business, or some sort of helpful tip or resource, like an ebook. 

Never forget that LinkedIn is a platform for service, not for selling. Are sales going to happen? Absolutely, but a campaign to simply and candidly reconnect with folks in your existing network is the place to start.  

I promise that if you’re the one reaching out without an agenda, magic will happen. Next month we’ll talk a bit about how to use Sales Navigator to reach out to those people you want as your prospect or referral partner. For now, just start by reaching out to five people every day! 

Here’s a bonus tip: While you’re making that connection request, endorse it. Also, if you have a reason to give them a referral, do so! It will pay multiple dividends. Be authentic, cordial, and interested in the other person. 

As always, reach out via phone or email if you have questions on this or any other LinkedIn topic. I’m here to help!